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050- 5961695
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Hibas Gifts India
Hotline Numbers
Middle east
050- 5961695
India :-

+971 -50 -5961695 -Whats App
+91 81139 52409 -  WhatsApp
Hotline Numbers
Hibas Gifts India  for all of  your Gifting needs. We deliver your gifts to your loved ones along with your emotions ... Any where in kerala and all metrocities in India ..
for all Enquries Call 050-5961695 ( Middle east ) +91 81139 62792 -  India

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Just fill this order form and submit it . No need of payment while you place the order .We will let you know the total order value by reply mail along with your order details in your mail ID . Payment can be done later ( only upon confirmation) thru online transfer ,Money exchange hoses , ATM Deposit , Credit card , Western Union, Pay pal ETC ...

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500 Gm cake + Single flower  =  AED / Riyal 80
1 Kg cake + Small bouquet of 3 flowers = AED/ Riyal 120
2 Kg Cake + Small bouquet of 6 flowers = AED /Riyal 160
3 Kg Cake + Small bouquet  of 6 flowers = AED /Riyal  210
Chocolate cake Strawberry Pistha Butter scotch Vanilla Pineapple
Chocolate box perk 1 kg 50 AED
A Deluxe bouquet of 24 Roses AED -50
Diary milk bar  1 kg = AED 100
Diary milk bar  500 Gm = AED 50
Teddy Bear of 15 Cm Aed 60
Toy - Remote control car 15 inches 60 AED
Gulf Chocolate 1 kg ( mars , Bounty , Snickers ) AED 100
Gulf Chocolate 500 gm( mars , Bounty , Snickers ) AED 50
Churidar Material Aed 100
Through Bank ATM Deposit----( For UAE residents only )
Via Online transfer ----------------( From any part of the world via your bank's online facility )
Credit card payment---------------(From any part of the world via your credit card )
Exchange centers ---------------- (From any part of the world via Exchange houses near to you   )
Invoice via Email -------------------(From any part of the world via paypal account . We will send you an invoice   )
Western Union Money transfer (From any part of the world via Exchange houses near to you   )
I read , under stand and agree with your terms and conditions
1/2 kg Chocolate bars (Perk , Much , Kitkat type AED  25
1 Small Celebration pack (Free wih half kg Cake)
2 Small Celebration pack (Free wih 1 kg Cake)
Add photo on cake Dhs/ Riyal 30