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Hibas Gifts India
Hotline Numbers
Middle east
050- 5961695
India :-

050-5961695 -Middle east
+919895479926 -  India
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Hibas Gifts India  for all of  your Gifting needs. We deliver your gifts to your loved ones along with your emotions ... Any where in kerala and all metrocities in India ..
for all Enquries Call 050-5961695 ( Middle east ) +919895479926 -  India

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A Delicious cake + A cute Teddy Bear of 15 cm + Card

Package --1 kg Black forest  cake +  A teddy bear of 15 cm + card  = AED 185
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Flavour of the cake  depends the availability .If Black forest cake required it should be mentioned in the order form and  order should be confirmed before 48 hours . Else any available flavour will be delivered . You can change the flavour of the cake from the option button
Black forest Butter scotch Chocolate Pistha StrawberryVannila
Churidar Material Aed 100
Chocolate box perk 50 AED
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  White teddy bear of 3 feet  AED 240 Pink teddy bear of 3 feet  AED 240 Brown teddy bear of 3 feet  AED 240