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Middle east
050- 5961695
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Hibas Gifts India
Hotline Numbers
Middle east
050- 5961695
India :-

050-5961695 -Middle east
+91 81139 62792 -  India
Hotline Numbers
Hibas Gifts India  for all of  your Gifting needs. We deliver your gifts to your loved ones along with your emotions ... Any where in Kerala and all Metro cities in India ..
for all Enquiries Call 050-5961695 ( Middle east ) +919895479926 -  India

Combo Packages
Credit cards are not required to place any order in our site. A suitable card will be given along with all packages . Some items shown below may not available in some places So the same price, nearest items will be given instead 
  Cake + bouquet
  Cake + Chocolate  
Bouquet  + Chocolate 
  2 bouquets  
  Cake + bouquet + Chocolate
  Cake +bouquet+ Dress
Packages to select from all items
  Cake + Chocolate  + Toys  
A black forest cake with 24 Roses Bouquet
A Chocolate  cake with 40 PS
Chocolate perk bar
40 PS Chocolate perk bar with  24Roses Bouquet
20 PS Dairy milk  bar with 12 Roses Bouquet & 1KG Cake
AED 160 only
2 Bouquet of  24 Roses Bouquet
25 Roses Bouquet  & 1KG Cake + Dress material 
Cake + teddy bear
AED 185 only
  Cake + Small bouquet
Cake +Small bouquet  
  Cake+ Dress+ Bouquet
  Cake+ Dress+ Kids dress 
42 PS Chocolate perk bar +  1KG Cake +dress material
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